Easy and Fast DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations!

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Easy and Fast DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations!

Thinking about Christmas decorations on a big scale is easy, normally you get the tree, the lights and some big ornaments for the outside and for the door, right? 

Well, in my house we did all that, however, being a few days away from Christmas Eve and Christmas, having to buy the food, the gifts, getting everything prepared for that special day with family, makes it easy to skip the table decorations! I looked at my dinner table and it looked just dull and boring that I decided to create these EASY, FAST and AFFORDABLE Pine Cone Christmas trees, which I will use to decorate the table for my Christmas dinner with family!

 DIY Pine Cone christmas tree decorations by The Party Project

You will only need three materials:

1) Pine cones - If you don't live a place where there's a lot of pine trees, you can always order them, they come in natural color as the ones I used, or even with a white paint to simulate snow! To get them you can click the option you prefer Natural color or White color pine cones.

Natural color pine cones  

2) Hot glue gun: Any glue gun would work for this project. For people that asked me, personally I prefer this Bostik Glue Gun, most likely for the tip size, it's precise and delicate when melting the glue; it's really not messy and easy to handle. I would recommend it for any DIY project or kid's school crafts.

Hot glue gun for Pine cone christmas trees decoration

 3) Pearl beads: The colors can be of your selection, as you see I did one cone with green, orange and pink pearl beans and the other one with only pastel colors, so it will be whichever look you want to give to your decorations. I suggest getting a pearl beans assorted color box set, so you can just play with different combinations. And you may use the Pearl beans that are left for future DIY projects!

 Pearl beads for Pinecone christmas tree decorations

 To create the Pine Cone Christmas trees follow three simple steps: 

1) Put a small dot of hot glue on the end of each "petal" of the Pine Cone.

Christmas pine cone trees

2) Place one pearl bean before the hot glue dries, and hold it firmly for about 5 seconds.

Pine cone trees decoration 

3) Repeat! keep gluing the pearl beans into the cone until you have covered all the "petals"

Do as many as you need and have fun!

DIY Christmas tree pine cone decorations by The Party Project

Just like that, you will make easy and fast Christmas decorations for your dining table, living room, chimney border or any space that needs a little Christmas touch!

DIY Christmas decorations by The Party Project

 Decoracion de navidad - Arbol de Navidad de semillas de Pino!

Happy Holidays!!


Diana P.