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How to use printable party decorations!

We’re so very pleased that you’ve either purchased or are interested in buying our printable party supplies or wall art decorations

We are here to help, and we are more than happy to resolve your questions and to give you some basic tips and tricks regarding how to use the files and assemble your projects!
To begin here are some recommendations to consider when printing any of our party printables:
• We suggest you print on white card stock, heavy weight paper or matte photo paper on your home printer or local printer shop.
• Use a trimmer or scissors to cut them out (small detail scissors work best for sharp turns). 
• Make sure your printer setting is set to - FIT PAGE - or set "Page Scaling" to - None - for better printing results; Otherwise, you may only print a large portion of the printable you're trying to print.
• You might also verify the paper size settings of the software you're printing with so that the page size (cardstock) you are feeding into the printer is the size of the printable you're trying to print (either 4x6, 5x7 or 8.5x11).
Some good places to print are:,,,, Walmart, Target, Shutterfly, Sam's Club and some Costco and Kinko locations, Staples, Office Max and Office Depot.
Some photo labs are unable to print certain party invitations/printables due to the copyright images used on them.
If any of the locations fail to print your project, please try a different one or USE A PRINTING KIOSK located in their photo department to avoid any issues. These are great because you can immediately print and pay at the counter hassle free (if you are printing invitations some places like Walmart will give you free envelopes upon checking out).

We've used Walmart's printing kiosk and Office Depot to print party printables that include movie and tv series characters with no problems and with superior results, so we highly recommend them. 

When the time to assemble the decorations come, we suggest you follow these basic instructions for specific items.
**** For Centerpieces and Photo Props:
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable centerpieces tutorial, ideas and recommendations!

- All images have cutting guides - making cutting at home super easy! Simply cut along the lines I've drawn for you, and the guess work is taken completely out! Mess up? All you have to do to is print it again!
- Adhere them to 11.75" White Lollipop Sticks* or wooden sticks and have fun taking memorable photos or decorating your candy bar/guests tables!
You can get the Lollipop sticks here*:
You can find them in 20/pack or 100/pack. These are the ones we use to make our hand-crafted centerpiece products, we recommend them because they are very sturdy, easy to handle when making table decorations and affordable. 
The Party Project | Captain America centerpieceThe Party Project | Wrestling centerpieceThe Party Project | Trolls centerpiece
- Some Printable centerpiece listings include back sides;  Use the back double sided images or the white back silhouettes and adhere them to the back of the centerpiece after gluing the stick, this way the decoration will have a better and clean look as the stick won't show up on the back of the decoration!
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable centerpieces double-sided - tutorial and ideas
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable centerpiece - white back silhoutes.
**** For party bag decorations:
THE PARTY PROJECT | Party bag decorations tutorial - tips - tricks and recommendations!

 - Print them on a white Sticker paper*, cut and just peel and stick!
- Use a trimmer to cut them out.
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable favor bag decorations tutorial, ideas and recommendations!
- You can adhere them to white, Kraft or color bags. - The size of the image will cover the complete front of the bag.
- Our bag covers are made for small party bags* measuring 5.25”W x 8”H available at most craft stores, Dollar Stores, Walmart, Target,  Amazon* , etc.
These are two of the most affordable options for 25/pack bags*:
And for 50/pack bags:

**** For Banners and Garlands:
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable banners tutorial, ideas and recommendations!

- Use a single hole paper hole punch to punch a hole in the top left corner and top right corner of each pennant.
- Thread one long ribbon or string through the holes of each flag, leaving some length on the ends for hanging. You can put all the flags together to make one long banner or make several separate banners.

**** For cupcake toppers:
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable cupcake toppers tutorial, ideas and recommendations!

- Use a 2" circle squeeze punch to cut out the images.
- Adhere them to white lollipop sticks or toothpicks and decorate your cupcakes!
We use 4inch Lollipop sticks* to make our hand-crafted cupcake topper products; they are very sturdy, easy to handle when inserting them to the cupcakes, and the perfect size for standard-size cupcakes (4.5" works too).
The Party Project | Angry Birds cupcake toppers   The Party Project | Fox cupcake toppers    The Party Project | PJMasks cupcake toppers
Here we have gathered the best options with some of the most affordable prices for you to start creating your cupcake toppers!
50 count*:
100 count:
And 150 count:
Depending on the theme you may choose to get color lollipop sticks to match the main color of your party. It's all depending to your preference.  

- Make double-sided toppers! Print and cut the same images and adhere them to the back of the matching topper after gluing the stick.
**** For Cupcake Wrappers:
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable cupcake wrappers tutorial, ideas and recommendations!

- Before using these wrappers, we recommend popping the cakes into an absorbing paper case or napkin to stop any grease that may seep out.
- Printable Wrappers are NOT intended for baking and are solely for decorative purposes.
**** For Thank you tags:
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable thank you tags tutorial, ideas and recommendations!

- Punch a little hole (0.25") and use ribbon to tie the party labels to favor bags,  party prizes, giveaways or gifts!
**** For bottle labels:
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable bottle labels tutorial, ideas and recommendations!

- Depending on the size of the original label, you may need to remove it before applying the new one. If you find that the label is too sticky, simply use some warm water and a scourer over the label, and this will remove with ease!
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable beer bottle labels tutorial, ideas and recommendations!

- Make the bottle labels waterproof using clear packing tape, and tape both sides! The reason why we recommend to tape both sides rather than taping the label directly to the bottle is that even the bottle is dry at the moment you tape it, the outside of the bottle may become wet due to a phenomenon called condensation.
My intention is to let you know that if the bottle contains cold beverages it most likely get wet and we don't want your labels to be ruined at the middle of the party! So make sure you tape the label double-sided and then stick it to the bottle!
A 3" size will work, and even it's a bit bigger than the printables you will make sure that the edges will be stuck together so no water or drops will come through and you can trim the edges as you prefer.

**** For Wall art décor:
THE PARTY PROJECT | Printable wall art tutorial, ideas and recommendations!

Our wall art printable files comes conveniently in two print sheet sizes. Typically 8" x 10" and also in 8.5" x 11" sheet size.
-If you print on a local printer shop, and you ask to print in the correct size rather than in the typical US letter size, no cutting is necessary, just insert into 8×10 frame and display.
- If you print at home on us letter size paper, you may want to print the file that includes the 8" x 10" cutting guide - makes cutting at home super easy! Only cut along the lines I've drawn for you, and the guess work is taken completely out! Mess up? All you have to do to is print it again!

♥ Thank you for shopping with us! We hope that these recommendations can be helpful for your crafting journey creating your dream party!
♥ xoxo.
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