33 Most brilliant and sensational Minion cake ideas for a Despicable Me party!

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33 Most brilliant and sensational Minion cake ideas for a Despicable Me party!

The Despicable Me 3 Movie is in theaters now! And all kids had a blast enjoying another one of Gru's adventures, most likely they will be asking to have their next birthday party with this theme and all their favorite characters, including Mel and all the Minions even though they went to jail! 
As the center of attention of every candy bar is THE CAKE! I have put together some of the most fabulous and ingenious cake ideas to surprise your guest and of course your little one!
And I will begin with a prisoner Minion cake by Hungry Happenings.  
The party project blog | Minion prisioner cake 
Here you can find the recipe and the video tutorial on how to make it!
It's very common when throwing a Despicable me Party to have a 3D cake with the shape of a Minion, here are some options of how the cake could be.
THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minion 3d cake
Cake by Creative Cake by Clare.
THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas - Minion 3d cake 
Cake by Deb Williams Cakes.

 THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas 2 Minions cake

Cake by Frosted Fantasies.


 THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minions cake by C for Cupcakes

Cake by cforcupcakes.

 THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minions birthday cake

Cake by Dulces Sentimientos.

I included the next four cakes on this list because the ideas can work for a baby's first birthday or baby shower. Using the little cube blocks with the name of your little one on pastel colors gives the cake a baby touch.  

Minion cake by lims cakeryTHE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minions cake

Cakes by Lims Cakery.


THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas baby minion cake

The party project blog - party ideas minion birthday cake

Cakes by Bake-a-boo cakes.

Why not including all the family on one cake! This idea by Fatima Santos is sooo cute, it can be used for a baby shower, or a 1st or 2nd birthday party!

The Party Project | Minion cake idea family cake!

The following cake is a classic, there are many versions of it, but I think this one is charming and well made. 

 THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minions cake idea

 Cake by Diman Bakery


These cakes are an excellent idea by Tortas Artina. If you are celebrating a double birthday for your little son and daughter, you can have a girl and a boy cake. Look how adorable these two cakes look together!

THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minion cake girl and boy

THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minion 3d boy and girl cake

The following cakes are not 3D, but I wanted to show you another idea to make the same cake for boy and girl.

THE PARTY PROJECT Blog - boy and girl minion cake

Cakes by Pink City Cake Studio

I love these Minion shaped cakes by The Royal Bakery. The details in these cakes are perfectly crafted; the hair, the goggles, the uniform, and everything else is just exquisitely well made.   

THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas best cake

Minion cake ideas Minion cakes | The party project blog

Alright, you may be asking, what if I don't want a Minion cake? So if you don't want everything to look too yellow, here are some ideas for cakes inspired by other Despicable Me movie characters.

What if we go back to the very beginning of Gru's villainy and include a cake with Vector, the other super villain in Despicable Me 1, and "El Macho" in Despicable Me 2. On this cake, I would include the diamond stolen by "Evil Bratt" in Despicable me 3, it will be a great cake idea to remember all of Gru's and the minion's main adventures!

The Party Project blog | Despicable me cake ideas

 Cake by Lori's Sweet cakes.

THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minions cakes

Cake by Marzia Caruso.

I absolutely love the next cake by Delicious Arts. Having Mel, the main minion from Despicable Me 3, in his jail cell overalls is just perfect!

THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Minion jail cake

And if you feel like baking, these are two tutorials that will teach you how to make a Minion from the Despicable Me 3 Movie!


Both have different techniques and tricks so you may catch quick tips from both of them!

Now, do you love Gru as much as the minions do? If so, these Gru cake ideas are fantastic!

THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Gru cake

Cake by ShelbyLynnCakes.

THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Gru with Minion cake

Cake by Ebtehal.

 THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Gru shaped cake

Cake by The Chocolate Bakehouse.

Continuing with our 3D Cakes, I know most of you like the Evil Minions, and despite the fact that they are aggressive, dangerous and that they will devour and destroy anything that gets in their way, we all want to have them at our party! So what about making the cake of a purple Minion!?

THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Evil Minion cake

Cake by Juniper Cakery

 THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas Purple Minion cake

Cake by Immaculate confections.


If you decide not to go with a 3D Cake, there are single and multi-layered cakes with incredible designs that will even make Gru want to steal them!

 THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas despicable me 2 multi layered cake

Cake by Arte Da Ka.

 THE PARTY PROJECT | Blog - Minions party ideas 3 layers cake

Cake by Cintia.

 The party project best minion cake ideas blog

Cake by Ateliê laço Azul.

I think your kid will like to include Gru's extremely heavily armed airship, which he uses to go on many missions with the Minions!  

The party project | blog minins party ideas cakes

Cake by Bake-a-boo cakes

THE PARTY PROJECT Blog best minion cake ideas

Cake by Zasladi Se cake design

It's getting difficult to decide which cake you want for your child's next birthday huh? With so many options you kind of wish you can have them all! Just in case you need some more inspiration, here are a few more ideas that include having all the minions on the cake and some other single layered cakes that are great selection as well.  

The Party Project Despicable me party ideas - cakes 

Cake by Gosh Cakes.

The party project despicable me cake ideas

Cake by White Crème Cakes.

If you love cookies or prefer to have a different option rather than fondant figurines, a good idea is to have all the minions made of cookies! Look how cute this cake by Petite Cherry is.

THE PARTY PROJECT Blog minion cookie cake!

We all remember the scene where all the minions got kidnapped without knowing, and they were having so much fun on a paradise island! So here are the cakes for that!

The Party Project hawaian cake idea

Cake by Bella's Bakery

The Party Project incredible minion cake ideas

Cake uploaded to pinterest by Jo Kelele.

The party project | pool party minion cake

the party project blog, minion beach cake  Minion beach cake - the party project blog  the party project blog, minion cake ideas

Cake by Celebrate with Cake

 We are coming to the end of this list of brilliant Minion cake ideas, and I still have to include one of the most used minion cake designs for single layered cakes, commonly used for small birthday parties or baby shower celebrations. 

Minion cake ideas blog - The party project  Minion cake idea

Cake by Crazy about cake

I could continue showing you Minion cake ideas, but I believe I have gathered some of the best options for your party! There are many variations of these cakes, but any cake you pick will surely make all your kids go bananas! You will also have to consider your budget, and how many people will you serve, so you can get an idea of what type of cake will be right for your celebration, this list, however, includes options for everyone.

The last of my recommendations are also single layered cakes, mostly used for small parties. So if you are planning to have an event with about 10-20 kids, one of these cakes might work for you too.

The party project blog Gru cake idea 

Cake by Caron Eveleigh

The Party Project | Minion party ideas, Gru's house cake

Cake by Fatima Santos

The party project blog | Minions cake ideas

Cake by Diman Bakery

 The Party Project | Minion party ideas cakes

Cake by Le Dulce Dolceria

To complement this Gru cake idea, I would like to show you a useful video on how to create a Gru fondant figurine so that you can make it perfect for your cake!

Last but not least, the main antagonists of the Despicable me 3 movie: Balthazar Bratt or "Evil Bratt"!

And as Gru's brother helped to defeat this villain, may want to invite Dru to the party! Don't worry you won't have to teach him to be a villain! 

The Party Project | Party ideas blog, despicable me 3 cake

Cake by Maria com Açúcar.

You may be overwhelmed with so many things that need attention when planning an event. I hope you had enjoyed these ideas, and most importantly, I wish I was able to help you choose the perfect cake for your next Minions birthday party or baby shower celebration. At least the cake design won't be any more of a concern, and you can move forward to other important aspects of the party, like the decorations. 

Now, let's plan your next evil adventure!...... Sorry, your next incredible celebration!


Diana P.