Easy and lovely VALENTINE'S DAY GIFTS and decorating ideas!

Valentine's Day -

Easy and lovely VALENTINE'S DAY GIFTS and decorating ideas!

When we are in a relationship many times we wonder how to make Valentine's Day special, however, sometimes we run out of time or even ideas and we end up just going to a regular dinner, luckily in a good restaurant or even with a rush nonsense gift.


But if you really want to make this day memorable for your lover, try one or maybe few of these Valentine's day decorating ideas and gifts that will certainly help you express all your love to your other half!

---> Lovers Breakfast! <---

What better way to begin a romantic day than a Love style breakfast?

It is so easy to do and so creative that is far one of the best Valentine's day ideas i have seen.

Valentines day lovely breakfast idea - The Party Project blog

You can buy everything done except for the french toast with the heart shape, but again, they are so easy to make, simply cut the bread into a heart shape before starting to make the toasts, and that's it. 

 If you feel like baking, you can find the ingredients and tutorial by A.C.Moore here. 


 - Chocolate covered Strawberry hearts.

You can add to your delicious breakfast the most common lover's fruit: Strawberries!
There's magic with chocolate strawberries that makes them so tempting and unique, but if you can make them with a heart shape! Wow it will be even cuter and surprising!

Heart shaped chocolate covered strawberries | The Party Project Valentine's day blog.

 This idea is from One Little Project. Here you can find the tutorial on how to make these delicious chocolate covered strawberries.

Valentine's day Chocolate covered strawberries tutorial | The Party Project Valentine's Day Blog.

- Lace Heart shaped Pancakes 

If the above ideas are not enough for a great Lovable breakfast then impress him with Heart Shaped Pancakes!!

Valentine's Day Breakfast idea | Heart shaped lace pancakes! - The Party Project Blog.

 Get the Lace heart pancakes recipe by Bite Delite, here. 

Valentines day pancakes | The Party Project Blog.


---> Easy DIY Wall Decor <---

 1. Hearts vertical garland:

Valnetines Day heart wall hanging decoration | The Party Project Blog.


- Using 8×12 (standard size) card stock paper and cutting them in strips. Probably about 1 inch strips or 1 1/2 inch. Then just use a stapler. Super easy!! -


2. Post it Heart decor!

Valentines Day ideas | Heart notes. The Party Project blog.


This fantastic idea from - Jen Muller, Live lives here - is probably one if the easiest way to surprise your other half! Make a heart shape with Post-its and write on each one a different reason why you love him or her! The person reading those beautiful notes will be so amazed and feel so much loved that will never forget this Valentine's detail from you!


---> Balloons! <---

Personally, I believe balloons are simply the best compliment to any gift! And there are so many ways to decorate with them that it will be illogical not to include balloons for this lovable celebration.
You can choose to give heart-shaped helium balloons (my favorite are foil ones), or you can make a beautiful arrangement with latex balloons to surprise your significant other in the room or any housing area like the living room where you can set a perfect date night :)

Here is a very special way to decorate a wall using latex balloons! You can make it even more special if you also include this fun game idea by Kim Byers | Celebration Shoppe.

 Valentines day couples Balloon game and wall decoration | The Party Project Blog.

The idea is to insert in each balloon a little paper with a message with different date night plans, here are some examples, but you know way better your other half so just include fun activities that both of you have enjoyed!

Valentines day tips to surprise yuor couple | The Party Project blog.

 You can also use Letter-shaped balloons to make incredible decorations, make up words like XOXO and Be Mine and Love to create a beautiful setting with of course, even more heart shaped red or pink balloons to surprise your special other.

Valentine's day surprise decoration, balloons and gifts ideas | The Party Project Blog.

The Party Project Blog - Valentine's day decoration ideas, gifts, surprises!


---> Love Mugs! <---


Mugs are a very traditional gift for Valentine's Day, you can find them in so many different styles, and with various wordings,  however, there are some Mugs that are just different and eye catching! And today I wanted to share with you these precious mugs - Meepples - by Julia Eve.

Valentines day Mugs, gift ideas for him or her | The Party Project Blog.

Meepples are the little square-like figures, which are totally adorable! They are hand drawn, can be customized and the design possibilities are endless!

Valentines day Mugs, gift ideas for him or her | The Party Project Blog.Valentines day Mugs, gift ideas for him or her | The Party Project Blog.

Whether your special person likes Skydiving, skiing, animals, even dinosaurs, in Meepples store, you will find a perfect match to make this gift even more enjoyable and unforgettable!


Valentines day Mugs, gift ideas for him or her | The Party Project Blog.   Valentines day Mugs, gift ideas for him or her | The Party Project Blog.

A couples Mug gift would be just ideal for Valentine's Day, huh? Each one with its own mug will be so cute!




---> Cake Pops! <---


Cake pops are a bite-sized morsel of cake coated in chocolate on lollipop sticks! They are one of the most popular bakery product treats for birthday parties and weddings, and as they are so trendy they are now used as personalized gifts for any special occasion, including Valentine's day!

Valentines Day cake pops | Valentines Gift ideas for him / her | The Sweet Dandelion.

People say " The way to a man's heart is trough his stomach," So don't wait to surprise your sweetheart on this special day with these delicious gourmet cake pops by The Sweet Dandelion.

The Sweet Dandelion | Gourmet cake pops | Gift ideas | party treats.

I really Love these heart-shaped Cake Pops, they are just perfect for valentines and you can pick from 7 yummy flavors • French Vanilla‌ • Chocolate‌ • Red Velvet‌ • Lemon‌ • Strawberry‌ • Dark Chocolate‌ • and their Sweet Dandelion Signature Mint Chocolate!! 

The Sweet Dandelion gourmet cake pops for any ocassions | Valentines Day gifts | themed party treats!

When that special day comes, you want your gift to be the best quality and to have a gorgeous packaging right? At The Sweet Dandelion, each cake pop is carefully rolled by hand, dipped in high-quality chocolate and topped with edible sugar decorations. Great care is taken in the creation of each cake pop to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

delicous treats for valentines day gifts or themed parties! Gourmet Cake pops! The Sweet Dandelion.

Besides they are totally delicious and charming, they come really well packaged, so you basically don't have to worry about anything! 


Each cake pop will be individually wrapped, tied and packaged safely in a box with tissue/padding. Arrangements are also available upon request.

Best cakepops for valentines gifts or theme party decorations | Absolutly delicious! The Sweet Dandelion.

Visit the www.thesweetdandelion.com to get these delightful and completely gorgeous gift, for valentines or any other special occasion! 


---> Cookies and other treats! <---


Maybe is just my impression, but everyone loves to give cookies, cupcakes, pretzels and other  treats to their couples for Valentine's day. Am I Right? At least I do!  So I wanted to share this list of ideas of very delicious treats that will for sure delight your lover.

Wilton Valentines Day Cookies | The Party Project Blog.

If you feel like baking, you can check out these fantastic ideas by Wilton and try their step by step easy tutorials to create one or these watering mouth treats!

Scalloped Heart Cookies. 

Valentines day gifts | Scalloped heart shaped cookie tutorial.

Roses Brownies.

Wilton Rose Brownies tutorial | Valentines Day gifts ideas - The Party Project Blog. Wilton Rose Brownies tutorial | Valentines Day gifts ideas - The Party Project Blog.

Surrounded by Love Heart Cake.

Wilton Heart shaped cake recipe | Valentines day gift ideas - The Party Project blog.

Edible shot glasses.

Valentines day ideas! Edible shot glasses tutorial by wilton! Valentines day ideas! Edible shot glasses tutorial by wilton! 

 There are endless possibilities for edible gifts you can make! 

If your special person is a chocolate fan maybe you should consider the following ideas!


 - White Chocolate bark bites:

This adorable idea by No. 2 Pencil  is so easy to do that I wanted to share the ingredients and instructions in this post, however if you would like a more detailed step by step tutorial you can find it here.

White Chocolate bark recipe | Valentines day gift ideas - The Party Project blog.



  • 1 12 oz package of Ghirardelli White Melting Wafers

  • M&M's and sprinkles, or choice of toppings


  1. Make sure silicone molds are clean and dry.

  2. Place mold on baking sheet or other flat surface.

  3. Add a few M&M's and a dash of sprinkles into each mold.

  4. Follow directions of package to melt wafers.

  5. Pour melted white chocolate into each cavity.

  6. Tap baking sheet firmly on counter to level out the melted chocolate.

  7. Let cool until hardened.

White chocolate bark tutorial | Valentines day gifts | The Party Project Blog. Valentines day gifts ideas | White chocolate barks, The Party Project Blog.
- Chocolate dipped Strawberry pops.

My very favorite treat of them all!

 I think I am a fan of chocolate strawberries, however, besides their delicious taste, I believe that the Strawberry pops decorate so well and they are so easy to do, that makes them a great last minute idea to surprise your beloved one.

Chocolate covered strawberry pops! Tutorial and more Valentines day gift ideas | The Party Project Blog.

know... you should dedicate enough time to your valentines day gift, right? But I also know,  that many of us get busy with work, kids and other responsibilities that even though we want to make Valentine's Day super special, we just run out of time, but you can always find these delicious and easy to make treat ideas to save us!

You can find more detailed instructions here Photos, ideas and recipe by A Spicy Perspective. 

Chocolate covered strawberry pops! Tutorial and more Valentines day gift ideas | The Party Project Blog.


Here you can get more gift ideas for your Valentine:  

Valentine's Day is to spend time with your sweetheart and to show him or her how important they are in your lives; we all want to make Valentine's day unforgettable, and I hope these ideas have helped you to make this day even more special!





Diana P.