Hungry or Angry? The most creative food ideas for an ANGRY BIRDS PARTY!

Angry Birds -

Hungry or Angry? The most creative food ideas for an ANGRY BIRDS PARTY!

Who doesn't like angry birds!? I have to say probably every kid (and well every adult) has played this game. Personally, it's the first game app that I download when I get a new phone, and I think there are many people like me that can stay playing for hours this fun game!
So well, if you are planning an Angry Birds birthday party or even a baby shower be sure to make it as fun as the game is! Here I'm giving you some of the most creative and amusing food ideas to serve at your Angry Birds themed party that your guests will love for sure!



 There's a saying that I love that says "If a party doesn't have a cake then it's just a gathering," so let's have the best Angry Birds cake ever! 
I gathered the most authentic ideas, so you have lots to choose from!

Angry Birds birthday cake!

Cake design by Andrea Sullivan. - Flickr.

 Angry birds cake ideas

Angry Birds - Cake by Tânia Maroco - CakesDecor.

Angry Birds food ideas - Cake options

Cake design by The Yellow Bee Cake Company.

The Party Project - Kids party ideas - Angry Birds birthday blogCake Design by Olanos Cakes.

How do you like the first four options, looks like a good start huh? I'm just amazed by the creativity of the cake designers and how they can include almost all items of the game in just one cake. Personally, these type of cakes are my favorites, and here are some more!

Angry Birds Cakde design by Andre Robe.   Angry Birds cake by Dulce Locura.   Cake design by Mifa.

Angry Birds cake

Cake Design by Viorica's cakes.

However, if you of your little Angry Birds fan would like more stylish and clean cake with no so many figures and game items, your best choice is to make a layered cake with the main characters for each layer! They look just great and imposing. Check out these ideas for Angry Birds layered cakes. 

King pig cake - Angry birds party

Cake design by Adore Cake Décor.

Red, Bomb and Chuck in an awesomeAngry Birds cake.

Cake design by Arte Da Ka.

Sincerely the last two photos are a complete piece of art, so much detail and work dedication that makes them so perfect! 

There are so many other Angry birds cake ideas here. But as the only thing to serve at a party is not only cake (I wish it was hehe) I will continue with some other food ideas to serve at you Angry Birds party!



 Unless you are Red, with mad mood and hating everything in his surrounding, everyone loves cookies!!! The kids, teenagers, adults! It's a treat that can't miss in any party! And what if the cookies were shaped liked your best Angry Birds characters.!! 
Best Angry Birds cookie ideas for your next event!

Angry Birds cookies

Cookies by Sweets_by_mee - Instagram.

 Angry Birds Cookies - Angry Birds party ideas! Angry Birds cookies

Cookies by Emma's Sweets and Sweet Smiles.

The following cookies are definitely one of my favorite! Including fun messages in the cookies will make everyone smile like I did when reading "ANGRY 5th BIRD-DAY" Isn't it so creative and hilarious! Besides eating a delicious treat, guest will have so much fun with the cookies, and that is the idea, right?

Angry Birds cookies

Cookies by Vicki's Sweets. - Flickr.

Having the characters in your cookies will be great, but including your little child's name in the original Angry Birds font will be amazing!

The Party Project - Angry Birds blog

 Cookies by Cookies & Milk. - Instagram.

The Party Project - Kids party ideas - Angry Birds blog

Cookies by Carinakmaia - Instagram.



Cake pops are a new treat that is invading all themed candy bars, they are basically like a Lollipop but made of cake, and they have so many different shapes and figures that makes them a perfect little snack when partying. 

Here are some ideas to make your Angry Birds cake pops!

Angry Birds cake pops - Angry birds party snacks!

Cakepops by Blossom Dream Cakes - Facebook.

Angry Birds party cake pops

Cake pops by Elyse Doremus. - Pinterest.

If you like a specific bird like Matilda for example, here's a great tutorial by Topsy Turvy for making Matilda Cakepops. Simply adorable and so easy to make! You can give it a try!

Angry Birds cake pop tutorial - Matilda

Matilda cake pops tutorial - Angry Birds party

My last cake pops idea that I found entirely imaginative is the little pigs' cake balls standing on a TNT box! The best part is that this box is so easy to make, simply wrap a polystyrene block with brown of Kraft color tissue paper and mark it with a red marker TNT! If you feel more crafty, you can draw the wood marks, but just the TNT will work, and the little pigs will look as they are about to explode, just like in the game!

King Pig angry birds cake pops Pigs cake pops - Angry Birds party




Fruits are always good to serve at any party; they are a healthy option and a great appetizer to offer at tables when guests are arriving or even as a dessert after a hot meal. You can make your fruit offering a fun and unforgettable experience for kids and all guests!? 

 This is a very creative idea by Ziploc to have one of Angry Birds favorite characters, RED, made of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and oranges. 

Angry Birds fruit salad party idea

Other fun fruit salad ideas can be made of pineapples, watermelons, berries and apples. Here is how. 

Bomb - Angry Birds fruit ideas

Blue Birds  - Angry Birds fruit party ideas

Chuck face - ANgry Birds party food ideas    Red - Angry birds food party ideas



For the hot food there are some unique ideas as well. From Red and Matilda pizzas to Angry birds eggs and the best Pigs in a Blanket, everyone will be delighted with the following food and drink options! 

Angry Birds themed party drinks

I Totally loved this idea by Ziploc. The drinks don't have to be boring and here's a great way to make them enjoyable!

"This may be the easiest party trick yet. Mix up a little extra fun by making your drinks as colorful as the Angry Birds. Simply add food coloring to water or lemonade any for an eye-catching thirst quencher." 


Red - Angry Birds Pizza

Pizza tutorial and photo by Victoria bakes, Baking into the ether. 

 Lets begin with the kids favorite, PIZZA!  And how this beloved food can look alike the Angry birds characters!

You can read the complete tutorial and all the ingredients here. 


These are another two ideas to make some incredible characters pizza:

 Red - Angry Birds pepperoni pizza Mathilda - Angry Birds cheese pizza

Red Pizza:

"Start with a cheese pizza and add pepperoni for the feathers, mushroom tops with sliced olives for the eyes, olives for eyebrows and cut cheese slices for the beak."

 Matilda Pizza: 

"Cheese pizza with mushroom eyes, olive eyebrows and top feathers and cut cheese slices for beak again."

 Photos and DIY Pizza instructions by Kara, The Joy of Boys.

Pigs in a blanket - ANgry Birds party ideas

Other must have food option is the well know Pigs in a blanket! They perfectly match the theme and they are so delicious. If you feel like baking these sausage rolls, you can find the tutorial by "When I Ate" here.

Angry Birds party food - Pigs in a blanket

Photo and Recipe for mini Pigs in a blanket: Kitchme.

And of course, we should include some Angry Birds Eggs right? Here's a good idea of how to serve them. - "Angry Eggs in a carrot nest" by Pollyanna Reschke. - Pinterest.

Angry Birds eggs - party food ideas

A great idea to organize your Angry Birds food table or candy bar is to include themed place cards.

They can be used to label the food you serve or you can use them at each guest seat or table, but that is an option for very formal parties, if you are hosting a birthday or baby shower you would probably be using them to show each guest what food are you serving, and believe me they will appreciate that!

Angry birds party food tents

Angry birds party place cards Angry birds birthday party food tents  Angry birds birthday decorations



 There are endless options of treats that you can give at your Angry Birds party, the ones I mentioned above are certainly the most common and the most creative as they perfectly match the theme! However, there are some other treats that I will share with you, just to give you a couple of more options.

 Angry Birds Macarons:

Angry Birds macarons - Angry Birds party ideas

Angry Birds party ideas - French Macarons

Pigs macarons - Angry Birds party food ideas

Pigs or birds!? Maybe both!! This tutorial by The Way the Cookie Crumbles, will guide you step by step on how to make these very clever, beautiful and of course delicious macarons.  

Red - Angry Birds macarons

Red - Angry Birds party - Food ideas - Macarons

Photo by Sunny Délices.

- Angry Birds chocolate Oreos!

"These Angry Birds Cookies are absolutely perfect! They are just so much fun to make, super cute and the kids will go WILD!" Here you will find very detailed instructions of how to make these delicious treats. Personally I found it very helpful as she doesn't miss any step! Looks easy!   Tutorial by Living Chic Mom.  

Angry Birds chocolate covered oreos

Red - Pig - Bomb - ANgry birds covered chocolate oreos!

Angry Birds chocolate oreos tutorial

 Angry Birds party treats - Chocolate covered oreos

Angry Birds Cupcakes!

If you don't feel like baking or maybe you don't have enough time, this mouthwatering treat will help you to have the perfect candy bar! Let's start by the fact that no one resists the temptation of eating a cupcake and they are so easy to get in any grocery store or bakery and in such different colors and flavors that they are definitely a hit in any party!

Include Cupcake toppers to your cupcakes to match the Angry Birds theme.

Red, Chuck, King Pig Bomb, Matilda and bluebird are ready to crash your cupcakes!


You can get these cupcake toppers with the main Angry Birds characters here

I hope that you have found fantastic food ideas to serve at your Angry Birds event. Remember, the options are endless; just add a bit of creativity and of course a lot of love to every receipt, and for sure your guest will be more than surprised and pleased with your delicious food and treats. 


Thank you for crashing our blog!



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