Justice League Party Idea! - Matheus' super birthday

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Justice League Party Idea! - Matheus' super birthday

Don't fear! Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are here to celebrate your son's birthday! And with these incredible Justice League party ideas by Elaine Soares Decorações, even your guests will feel they are superheroes!

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As you can see, part of the birthday decoration includes the Justice League figures; if you would like to use them as part of the candy bar set up, you can get them here. The good part is that if your little one will have tons of fun playing with them after the party ends!

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All superheroes need a cape and a mask, so if you liked this idea you can get them here (yes, I made sure they did not include Avengers characters).  And don't worry, there are girl superheroes cape and masks too, you can get the pink girly version of the Justice League cape and masks here

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 Pow, Boom, Wack! Have an exciting party!



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