Whimsical Unicorn Birthday party ideas!

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Whimsical Unicorn Birthday party ideas!

Planning a themed party brings special happiness to our days, but planning a Unicorn birthday party or baby shower couldn't feel more magical and unique!

Is it the glitter, the rainbows, the cuteness of these mystical creatures? Probably all of them combined! And here you will find adorable Unicorn themed party ideas by the talented Amais Festas, for you to host an unforgettable, extra happy and super magical event!


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 The backdrop, the cake, the flowers and every single detail of this party was extraordinary and I'm pretty sure you were able to gather some great decorating ideas, but have you decided what treats to serve at your candy bar?

Here you will find 8 Unicorn party treat ideas that will make your candy bar magical!

 And don't forget to visit our Unicorn collection, where you can find unique Baby Clothing as well as Nursery and Kids Room decorations for your little one!

Remember..."Those who believe in magic will find it"


Diana PG.